Frequently asked questions


Is there air-conditioning in the Museum?
The entire exhibition is air-conditioned. The workshops take place outside in shaded areas.

Is the Museum accessible to people with reduced mobility?
Yes, the Museum is an ERP building which was built in 2016. It is completely on the ground floor and provides an excellent level of accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The parking lots, toilets, pathways and corridors have been designed in compliance with PRM standards.

Two dedicated parking lots for PRM are located 5 metres from the entrance to the Museum and can be used by PRM cars or minibuses.

How long is the guided tour?
The guided tour of the museum lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. It is designed to be understandable for children aged 6 and over. The scientific tour guide adapts his language according to the audience for an educational and entertaining visit. Visits depart at fixed times 7 days a week without reservation; these departures take place every hour in July and August.

How many people are eligible for a group rate?

he Museum’s group rate is applied from 12 paid admissions onwards, with payment made in one go, children’s tickets are not included in the group rate.

What workshops can children do?

The Museum de l’Ardèche has a wide range of activities that all approximately last  1 hour. These are all accompanied by a scientific guide and all the tools necessary for the workshops are provided. After all the workshops the children will get to take their discoveries home.

  • Digging workshops are ideal from 4 year olds (and the whole family)
  • Virtual reality headset workshops are suitable from 8 year olds
  • Extraction workshops are ideal from 6 year olds but we also have pieces suitable for adults

Can I do the workshops without visiting the museum?

No, the workshops are only accessible to visitors of the Museum. The workshop price list is established as a reduced ticket or a ticket for activities combined with admission to the Museum. The visit to the Museum can be done on a self-guided or guided tour. Each year, the Museum offers new exhibits, exhibits and outdoor facilities to enhance your previous visit.

Do I have to book the workshops in advance?

Reservations for workshops can only be made via our online ticketing service. It is not compulsory, but it is recommended to guarantee you can participate on the day and at the time of your choice. The Museum does not take reservations over the phone.

Can parents accompany their children to the workshops?

Yes, parental supervision is compulsory in the museum and during the workshops. The workshops are also suitable for an adult audience. The tour guide adapts his language and explanations to his audience, including both children and adults. Each workshop lasts 1 hour. We do not accept unaccompanied minors.

Can I enter and leave the museum during the day?

Yes, it is possible to enter and leave the site during your visit. You will have to keep your entrance tickets and present these at the reception desk once you return. You can schedule a guided tour and then workshops during the day and between these go for a walk in the village of Balazuc. You can also enjoy the swimming area located 500 m from the Museum.

Are animals allowed?

Animals are not allowed on the floor of the museum. The configuration of the exhibition, the presence of furniture and the tours do not allow it. They can accompany you if they are in a bag or a stroller. 

Can we eat something at the museum? Have a picnic?

In July and August, the Museum de l’Ardèche has an ice-cream parlour with a snack bar (100% fresh, local and prepared on site products). If you prefer to picnic, there are also picnic areas throughout the village. In July and August, 6 restaurants are open in Balazuc.



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