Discover naturals sciences and story all the year long !




Visit our exhibition

200 m² of fossils, 100% originals

Our permanent exhibition is made of originals fossils (no copies), for 80% from the Ardèche. We tell a 300 millions years geological story, highlighted by fossils from the whole world covering a 2 billions years story.

Guided tours included

Every day, without the need of a reservation, our guides propose guided tours with an instant translate of a few parts. Come and share your knowledge and experiences about natural wealth.

Fossils findings

Excavations initiation

Excavations workshops allows you and famlily to initiate about sciences of Life and Earth. Have a tour around the Muséum and find fossils and minerals inside aggregates of different local rocks.

Thanks to these funny activities, you will learn about the Ardèche diversity and constituate a first collection.

A dynamic program

At Muséum or outdoors

Paléodécouvertes is a registered trademarque used by Muséum and by a non-lucrative organisation. All the year long, our programs are propose to discover the Ardèche geology, paleontology and archeology with an important choice of activities for children and adults.

Presentations, walks, workshops, etc.. different animation forms for a larg public from 7 to 77 years old. Most of these activities are only available in french, for english please contact us before.

Programme des Animations et sorties


Sciences for everyone !

Our facilitators proposes to learn about naturals sciences and story through funny workshops with the objective of playing learning.

From vulcains to fossils, including dinosaurs and Cavemen, prehistory will soon not have any secret for your children !


Each one is abble to understand !

Guided walks

Near Balazuc and all the Ardèche around !

Enjoy the natural environment of Balazuc at the doors of the Gorges de L’Ardèche and go for a half day of natural wealth discoveries all the river long. Our guides proposes different level of walks and explainations to apply your brand new knowledge learnt in the exhibition.

The Ardèche offers one of the most varied geologic diversity of France thanks to a favoured geographic position in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes betwen the Alps and the Central Massive. Breathtaking panoramic scenery and many exceptional sites allows you to a wonderful educational trip.